HeroQuesting : station results

From: Philippe Sigaud <sigaud_at_...>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 16:13:18 +0100


        My players will go heroquesting in the next session and I'm trying to understand the new HQ rules.

In p.202 there is a part giving the bonus or malus acquired at a station. I've some troubles undertanding this.

Suppose A (the leader), B, C and D do some quest and come upon Big Wolf and his pups at a station. Big Wolf is 10W3, his pups 10W. You have to fight them to continue.

Heroquester A takes Big Wolf and B, C and D each take take a pup. Suppose A and B get a Minor Victory whereas C and D suffer Minor Defeat.

What counts as station result ? Only A because he was the leader and they all continue with a +7 ? Or do they _all_ win some bonus/malus according to their result ? (In that case : +7/+3/-3/-3). Or do I sum it all, giving +4 for all of them ?

The latter seems what is implied in Kathy's comment in the Wolf Demon attack on the same page : "you're going to be tougher thant your wolves, and likely to win, thereby adding to the net success of this fight. If you're supporters, you just cancel each other out."

If that's so, maybe my examples characters would better all support heroquester A, in the hope of achieving either a Minor Victory (+7, without any malus from failing non-fighter characters) or a Major Victory (+18 !).


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