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Steve asked

> 4) Question for people in general: you have the typical roleplaying "strong
> guy with two handed sword, vs. nimble thief with dagger".
> Certainly there's the class difference for weapons, but if the thief has
> "Agile" or "Nimble" - would you give him an improv penalty?

Weapon ranks are an optional rule, as I read them.

I don't understand why you'd give the thief an improv penalty. Agile probably is something you can use to augment your defense.

Mark asked

> 1. When using hero points to bump up a success level, do you have to
> declare your intent to do so before you make the role, or after?

Either (which effectively means after).

> 2. What is the modifier that an initiate applies to his affinity
> ability? Is it the standard -3 stated on page 121 of Hero Wars,
> Roleplaying in Glorantha, or -5, as the writeup of the NPC Zhorada on
> page 140 of the Narrators handbook indicates?

-3 for initiates, no penalty for devotees. (I think there may be a few other rules comments in the NB that aren't quite right, I'll let Roderick list these in a forthcoming errata.)

-3 is also the standard modifier, as you point out (but others seem to think otherwise -- was something incorrect in a synopsis somewhere?).

Nick proposed

> I think the chart on p.31 should be formally errata'd so that a Minor
> Victory (and indeed perhaps a Marginal Victory too) can also get you onto
> the Other Side.

I'd agree -- our playtesting was before this rule existed, and we considered any success to be enough. Seemed to work.

Rob asked

> example called Torvig Horrisson who has the Fetish of "Shadowy Shield
> spirit" would this normally be used to augment his armour rating? Or would
> its might be added to his close combat?

It could certainly augment his Close Combat for defensive purposes.

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