Re: Re: magical vs. mundane skills

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 22:07:32 -0800

> I think this rule is very disappointing.
> Continueing that example from p.99.
> Oddi can jump his own height because his skill is "High Jump 7W2"
> Jane can jump over a big oak tree (being 10W3 high) with her "magic tree
> leaping boots 17" because she only faces the magical resistance of 14.

But Jane can't jump her own height in an open field because her boots only get the 14 resistance when jumping over trees. No tree, no lowered resistance.

> Lets assume the same story but Janes boots where "High Jumping Boots 17"
> only trees but all sorts of jumps). If she and Oddi wanted to know who
> higher and pitted their skills against each other, suddenly Oddi would
> probably win, when just one moment before she was able to jump over a
> very convincing really.
> If i was Janes player i would complain.

Why bother with a contest in that case? If Jane's boots of High Jumping allow her to jump over a tree, and Oddi can only jump his own height, then where's the drama? Just say "Jane wins". Don't even bother to roll.

If you want to compare two people (creatures, spirits, whatever) to each other, then you don't get to use the 14 resistance. If you want to compare them to a third thing ("Oddi can jump 6' into the air. Can Jane?") then you can use the 14 if the magic is right for the task.

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