Re: magical vs.mundane skills

From: simon_hibbs2 <simon.hibbs_at_...>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 10:59:31 -0000

Suppose I had "Destroy Tree Magic 10w". It's great at destroying trees, but rubbish at destroying walls, or people. Nobody would expect otherwise. You're thinking about the Tree Jumping magic as being primarily Jumping magic, but it's not. It's realy just a kind of Getting-Past-Trees magic. The jumping part is (in most situations, but not all) just a special effect.

> okay, so in a way you cannot even compare those abilities, is it
that what
> you say? Although they have similar names, one is mundane and the
other is
> magical. Two different kinds of abilities ? One about jumping and
the other about
> (jumping)magic ?

It's at least as much about trees as it is about jumping. I'd argue that trhe jumping part is the least important, and the tree part is the significant part (in most cases).

The Run Fast example is interesting and actualy, for me, more problematical. The thing is that when using 'Run fast Boots 17' to run fast from one city to another, there's no real definition of success. How fast is a Minor Success? How fast is a Complete Success? You're not realy comparing against anything. If you and I with my mundane Run fast ability of 17 were competing against each other then we are matching like against like, but the first one doesn't realy strike me as being a sensible kind of contest to have. I mean, what are the consequences of not Running Fast between two cities? Unless there's some kind of time limit, or other factor you're competing against, it's all a bit wooly.

Simon Hibbs

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