Re: magical vs.mundane resistance

From: Jeff <jakyer_at_...>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 21:06:59 -0000

> Sporty gets angry because he lost the race and wants to beat up my
player. He
> is trying to catch me pitting his "Run fast" against my "Boots of
> all of a sudden we are equal.

Beat up another player? That's a very... um... mature group.  

> My point is as long as i use my magic to resist something abstract
i can use
> the magical resistance of 14, but if i compare to a
> creature all of a sudden my magic becomes mundane. How can that be ?

Because there's something resisting you. And frankly, it wouldn't be fun to play.

To reduce it to the absurd, imagine how un-fun a game would be if a character used a "Chop Off Your Head 8w" any time they got into a fight and then demanded that the resistance was only 14 no matter who they faced. Think about it...


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