RE: Re: When is a Hero ready (was: mechanics of myth)?

From: Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_...>
Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2004 11:23:37 -0600

>From: "bankuei" <Bankuei_at_...>
>Hi guys,
>I think the key issue is nailing down what sort of things you want
>happening in your
>game, how long you are going to be playing, and how fast you want growth to

I think that we're pretty clear on this, already. For example, we know that we're looking to get to do a Heroquest or more than one, the current arc is limited to about six sessions or so, and growth will be pretty inconsequential in that time - the normal rate five times. I'm guessing we'll each spend a dozen or so HP on increasing abilities during that time.

>Aside from simply starting out at a higher rating, you can also up the rate
>at which
>folks are granted Hero Points. To prevent folks from "crusing through" by
>all of them on bumps, say, hand out 10 points between sessions that can not
>be spent
>on bumps. This allows players to grab relationships left and right, and up
>heaps of
>abilities at one go. The best part is that players can establish
>relationships with
>bigwigs(kings, gods, etc.) and basically become major players despite
>having lower
>ratings(Frodo would be a perfect example).

I think that might be a little much.

I asked the question I did, quite specifically. We're going to be "starting characters" more or less when we get to the first point when we need to do a HQ. Is that feasible or not?

>Another option, is to do the classic, "Boon of massive power" by gods,
>whathaveyou, wherein the heroes are elevated from their so-so abilities to
>superherolike statures instantly. There can even be tests in order to earn
>the boon.

There's some potential there, certainly.

>Personally, I'm starting my game at base levels, but I run pretty loose
>with the Hero
>Points. I give at least 3 before sessions, and between 3-5 after each
>session. Usually
>folks only burn one or two of these for bumps, so growth is pretty quick.

Again, if not for the projected shortness of the story arc, and the notion that there might be a heroquest impending, then this would all make sense. But I'm looking at this in the context of the game we're playing now, which is actually rather well defined.


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