RE: Re: Exploiting sidekicks

From: Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_...>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 13:02:41 -0600

>From: bethexton_at_...

> > I had assumed that you couldn't raise the abilities under the
>keywords at
> > all as it didn't seem that they were to be listed. OTOH, it does
>seem that
> > you can develop such characters "normall" after chargen, so I'm not
>I think retainers just have the keyword, sub-abilities not broken out
>(they are all at the keyword level), but I think that a side kick can
>get the individual abilities broken out from the key word.

Makes sense. I suppose that if you read it legalistically, that they get a keyword, and that keywords imply all abilities in them, that this would be the proper reading. It's just that the wording seems to imply is that the 15 points only be spent on the three abilities that are purchased.

I've never seen a sample character with any of the keyword abilities listed under the keyword. Instead I see the keyword, followed sometimes by the 17, and then underneath, the three abilities at 13 jacked up by 15 points. That is, if I were aware that I could spend the fifteen original points on abilities covered by the keyword, then I probably would do that. Instead of my Darjiini Petty Noble having a Bodyguard with Intimidate at 16, I might have his weapon skill higher than 17 or something. So, what are the examples telling us?


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