Fw: [Continuum2004] Continuum Progress Report, w/e 2nd April

From: Darran <darransims_at_...>
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 14:54:47 +0100

Greetings and Salutations

Lawrence Whitaker wrote:

Greetings Continuees,

Easter looms, and the nights grow lighter. The demons at Continuum central are whipping and goading the committee into a frenzy of activity as the Great Weekend approaches, and this is partly why this week's PR comes a day early.

Do you think you have the wit and wherewithal to be crowned Continuum Mastermind 2004? Could you take the Interrogation Chair and suffer a gruelling period of questioning on a specialist subject and general gaming knowledge? Or would you simply Pass? If you're up for the challenge, contact Mr Colin Driver, Interrogator in Chief, so he can get your personalised thumbscrews ready...

Intrigue in the Clouds
The year is 1886. The world is not quite our own. Queen Victoria rules Britannia and all her colonial possessions. The Ripper haunts the streets of Whitechapel. Unknown forces are at work in the world. The Great Powers of Europe stand at the brink of war. Join the passengers and crew of the airship Royal Victoria as she crosses the Atlantic on a voyage to destiny. Cross wits with notorious diplomats,spies, scholars, heroes, rogues, killers and worse. The occult mixes with mystery, love and danger on a GothicPulp airship. The latest of Continuum's freeforms - visit http://www3.sympatico.ca/dean.edgell/Intrigue.html for more details...

Freeform Signups
Casting for 'Cruel Hearts' is underway, and other freeforms will soon beckon you to the casting couch. Watch out for unscrupulous producers who are looking to see how much of the Method you know...

Continuum Programme
In the next few days the Continuum programme will find its way onto the website. Here you can see what's taking place, when, and how it affects your attempts to reach the bar. Of course, the programme will shift and change like an itchy shoggoth, but at least it'll give you an idea of how to fill your hours. As ever, ideas for panels, seminars and events are encouraged so if you have any ideas, that nice Mr Driver mentioned earlier will be only too happy to help.

Have a great weekend,

Lawrence and the rest of the Committee

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