Re: rune metal enchantment question

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 14:55:35 -0800

> A number of the rune metals gain a bonus of 1/10 of the level of
> their enchantment when refined and enchanted. So, for example,
> copper armor gets a bonus to the armor of 1/10 of the enchantment on
> the armor.
> Does that have to be a relevant enchantment, or just any enchantment?


Two different things here:

Enchanting a metal makes it useful Frex, a gold spearhead is normally too soft to be useful for anything but looking pretty - an *enchanted* gold spearhead is as hard as bronze, plus the other benefits fo enchanting gold.

Imbueing a magical ability into an item (like your "Stay Awake" shield) isn't the same thing. You can imbue bronze with magic as easily (or easier) than rune metals.

So an "Enchanted Gold Spear 17" gets the +2 additional add for being made of Enchanted Gold. A "Shining Light Spear 17" doesn't, unless you convince your narrator that it is *also* made of enchanted gold. Is the extra two words in your 100 words worth it? :-).

Now, you might be able to convince your narrator that any item that has a magical effect on it is obviously "Enchanted" as per the descriptions above, as well as imbued with magic...

> Also, if you then spend an HP to improve the magic item abilty by a
> point to 5W, does that mean that the bonus from the shield now goes
> up to +4?

Yep. (whether it's the "Enchanted Gold" bit, or you've managed to convince your narrator).

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