Re: Running a gang

From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 18:34:31 -0700

Alex answered me

>any one person's augment was typically less than +6 --
>> far less than the +10-+20 that people can augment themselves).
>If you're happy with that level of multiple self-augmentation, why not
>multiple mutual augmentation?

It's a lot simpler than trying to figure out the same thing on the other side -- as well as being faster in play. (Oddly enough, I think the HQ auto-augment rules are actually slowing the game down, since everyone scrounges for another one. And most of them do seem like they could be used automatically, without casting magic.)

Bryan answered me

>Ummm, what were the heros trying to do? Take over the camp? Kill
>the people in teh camp? Capture them all? In other words, in what
>terms would their victory be defined?
>Given some defined objective, what is the biggest obstacle to their
>accomplishing it? The skill of the people in teh camp? The
>organized effort of the those people to break out? The sheer numbers?

They wanted to kill everyone (all of whom were non-combatants), so sheer numbers was probably the dominant factor for the defense.


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