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From: Paul Summer <Paul.s.sommer_at_...>
Date: Sat, 08 May 2004 17:38:36 -0000

Hej all

As a new convertee to HQ I desparatly want the system(rules) behind it to work .However The rules have some problems in that clear examples are NOT given.New Narrators and players want not one example but three or four to remove any doubts or confusion about the system .

example-combat extended

During a extended contest The PC has close combat 17 he augments +4 (strong 13=1 , brave 13 = 1 and mighty sword magic 17=2) giving him 21 or 1W

When he rolls his AP is 21 and his target number to roll is .....Confusion sets in here....1? But he has the mastery so that would bump him...wouldn't it?

After a few rounds he now has AP 6 , but is he still rolling for the 1W number or the AP 6 number.?

Augmenting is also unclear many times can you augment? can you augment in both simple and extended contests?

what about modifers......whose roll do they affect ?

example-wall climbing.

duck super climbing  -17                            city wall- 4w1
lusty ducky -13 (after female duck               well built-16 =2  
 on other side of wall)=1

however its dark=6 ,wet=4 ,patrolled=3, ducks climbing shoes=6

Are these modifers postive or negative and on which opponent should they be allocated is it on the duck?

wet=-2 (after he is a duck and likes water :-) ) climbing shoes= +6

Giving the duck 17 - 5 =12 thus the wall still maintains a mastery

or on the wall?
Lets say for example the modifers bring the walls resistance down below 21

climbing shoes= -6 for the wall

Giving the wall 4w1 -6=18 thus the wall loses the mastery


Someone , anyone should write some very clear examples of all five contest situation types combat , social , physical , romantic , political....showing all different rules applications

No confusion would then plague the minds of new players o Narrators and without any doubts about the system the group would cheerfully bound off into glorantha with cheer!

Ian thomson's house rules for heroquests is the only place I have found that addresses these issues with any clear sense .And has put forward solutions for other problems arising during a campaign game.

The FAQ at www.issaries is good but it should be more comprehensive and indexed better. Surely sombody can write up some good examples to aid the new people?

paul sommer

"hey we just want to roleplay ....we think the rules should aid us roleplaying not hinder us"
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