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Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 09:47:42 -0700


"Paul Summer" <Paul.s.sommer_at_...>


> New
> Narrators and
> players want not one example but three or four to remove any doubts or
> confusion about
> the system .

Of course!
However, just as the rule book has limited space to put things, so we at Issaries have limited time to put these together.

SO, please allow me to solicit examples from all of you, the avid rules mongers, so we can expand our on-line examples to infinite size. OK, not really infinite.
But I would like to solicit YOUR input for the site. Please write up examples of what you think ought to have been given. If we get umpty-ump combat examples, we will just select some of them to use. So be creative and give us examples to help those newbies!

Send them to Examples_at_..., we will sort them out, make sure they are correct, and post those which will do the most good.

Also, NO VARIANTS. We know you have them, we know you use the, but for the official site, plese keep within the published rules.

Here is a chance for you to contribute to the Greater Good!

Thank you!

Greg Stafford

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