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From: David Dunham <dunham_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 07:03:45 -0700

James asked

> When creating Grazer characters, should the age group occupational
> keywords be treated cumulatively? In other words, if I want to create
> a Grazer warrior, does the character get the benefits of both the
> herdsman/rider keyword (the first age group) and the warrior keyword
> (a subsequent age group)? Or should it be assumed that once the
> character is a warrior, he no longer spends time on the
> herdsman/rider skills, and therefore forgets them?

You could combine them (but not additively -- you don't get twice as much Archery as normal if you are a Warrior with ex-Rider abilities). I wouldn't combine anything but the physical and mental skills. And older abilities would start at 13, not 17 (though they should be eligible to be picked at a higher value).

> since the Grazers are animists, should they have a Tradition
> Knowledge ability listed in their cultural keyword?

I think we didn't put it there because men and women have a different tradition. It's part of the magic keyword instead.

Steve proposed

> In terms of improvisational tasks, what would people think of the idea that
> you simply cannot improve a skill if it was used with an improvisational
> modifier, but you COULD use an HP to 'cement' that improvisation at it's
> starting level?

Thumbs down. This makes an improvisation penalty too cruel. They're going to be spending a hero point on the skill, after all...

I like Dave's examples of bids of a cliff.

Alain asked

> Very often, skills and feat are similar. How to play the difference betweeen
> the two ?
> For exemple, who is better : the thief using her skill Move Silently 2W, or
> the Odayla Initiate using his feat Move Silently 2W (Hide
> Affinity). Any advantage
> for one of them ?

No difference, except possibly in how you describe them, and potentially in how they are defended against. (A Detect Magic feat would work against the Odaylan but not the thief; a Hear Acutely ability would work identically against both.)

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