Re: Augments

From: jeffrichard68 <jeff.richard_at_...>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 19:18:50 -0000

As the other GM in David's game, let me pipe in my two cents:

>> >IMO one is too low. (We don't discuss the reasons for the augments -
> >-this seldom seems necessary.)
> I meant you get you equipment, magic and 1 other. so,
> Sword +3
> Shield +1
> Armour +3
> Hate Lunars +2
> and if you make your casting roll, flickering blade +2

Oh gee, add Strong +1, Tough as Nails +2, Brave +2 and Fierce Visage +1.

Where augments really come in handy are in social or magical circumstances. People drawing on relationships, wealth, eloquence, likeability, etc. Limiting it to just one seems to provide incentive to overspecialize. But then again, YGWV.

BTW, I don't really use cinematic or realistic combat - I'm just interested in the result. For example:

"Urenstal led the group to within sight of Greydog Inn, and they started off with 20 cows. But the Greydog war leader set an ambush in the Hare Woods. Urenstal let Wilms take the cattle while everyone else charged. There was a big fight. Two of Urenstal's Winds were killed, but Korlmhy, Brenna, Herger, and Nisk knocked down warriors and came to his aid. After a fierce battle, four Greydogs were killed, and they fled. Meanwhile, Wilms managed to lead 16 of the cows off."

That was done with two extended contests (the "big fight" and Wilms and the cows). The result was a major event that has had repercussions in ever game session since.

> PS: David - have you any comment to make on mainly using the
> contest and saving the extended for the climax of the story, or at
> least the major scenes?

David and I rarely have extended contests. Basically, it gets used for major scenes (important social scenes, weird magic, and major combat). I use simple contests a lot.


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