RE: improv mods and augments

From: Mike Holmes <homeydont_at_...>
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 12:49:35 -0500

>From: "Light Castle" <light_castle_at_...>

>My struggle is with
>Situation 1 of course. If you allow Large and Strong as straight augments
>(which is
>certainly implied by the rules) why not Agile? But I think this might fall
>back a bit on the
>difference between an augmenting and being used as a main ability. What is
>"appropriate" varies between those two cases. If you can narrate how it is
>helping, I'm
>likely to find it appropriate, maybe knocking a point off (improv modifier)
>if I think the
>explanation is stretching a little too far.

#1 only applies to using something as a main ability, IMO. That is, all abilities are "narrow" for use as primary abilities without modifier, but can be used broadly with modifier.

Basically, why take dancing, and close combat, if you can take Agility and have it function as both of these? If it funcitons like a very poor version of both of these, that's fine, there's still a reason to have the other abilities.

For augments, I think it's the same criteria exactly, applied to the correct phrasing, that of "helping". Which is probably quite a bit broader, sure. If, you can see how Agiliity helps out, then no mod to it for augmenting. If it's a stretch, but there might be some effect, that's when you'd modify it. Pretty straightforward - is the ability useful for what it's being used for?


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