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From: Light Castle <light_castle_at_...>
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 13:08:07 -0400

On 21 May 2004 at 9:51, Tim Ellis wrote:

> This depends on how and why the relationship has changed -
> a "natural progression" "Fiancee of Aleana" to "Husband of Aleana"
> would almost certainly work this way, but "Husband" to "Ex Husband"
> might depend on why - Was it an Orlanthi "Year Marriage", which was
> only ever expected to be of a short term duration, did they
> gradually drift apart as they grew up, are still on friendly terms,
> but realise they have nothing in common, or has one partner been
> cheating on the other?
> Or maybe you'd leave the rating the same, but use the relationship
> differently? (Aleana's brothers are likely to react very
> differently to the bastard that abandoned their sister to the poor
> sap that she has abandoned, but you might use the same number to
> represent the depth of the feeling?)

Oh absolutely. I think that this wouldn't be an automatic situation, but as you say, it would depend on what the story progression and reason for the change was. It just seems a little unfair to the players to have a relationship change on them through play and invalidate all that time and those points they spent cultivating it.  

> I think so, at least in some situations. Take a (non gloranthan)
> example of a Grail Questor - someone with a "Seek Holy Grail 8W"
> should, I think, have a higher relationship with the Grail than
> others who have not focussed on it. Although maybe achieving
> something of this nature is (or should be) a Quest Challenge -

True. I would very likely make this into a Quest challenge given that the player had by now made it so important.

> you succeed you gain both the ancient relic itself, and the
> appropriate relationship, and if you fail then you don't actually
> get to obtain the relic. This doesn't work for more mundane items
> though

I think this ties into the discussion goin on about magic items in general. There seems a point where the payoff is minor compared to the time put in. LC

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