Re: Re: Magic items (was Transforming abilities)

From: Light Castle <light_castle_at_...>
Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 16:24:34 -0400

On 22 May 2004 at 11:18, David Dunham wrote:

> (In my opinion, using the Hero Wars rule may make the game easier to
> run. The default resistance of the universe was 14, which you'd use
> if you wanted to levitate or something that had no resistance. But
> there was never a case when you'd have to decide if the magic was
> being used "properly." A tree would always resist Tree-Leaping with
> its Tall.

> (HW might not have reflected Glorantha as well -- the average
> starting hero, with Tree-Leaping 17, wouldn't be able to jump over
> any trees, which probably have Tall 10W or greater.)

I quite agree, which is why I like the whole 14 thing, or at least some sense of magic working off of different resistances than mundane.  

> Very few characters have a Resist Magic ability. If you don't allow
> them to resist non-magically, they will get hosed big time. If you
> really feel uncomfortable about being able to resist with any
> ability, assign a -5 penalty.
> Also, it doesn't make sense that a character's major ability can't
> work. If I'm Achilles, with Rage 20W3, your Reasonable Discussion 20W
> will have no effect on me. So suddenly your Calm Down feat 17 has a
> good chance of beating my 14 resistance (since I don't have magic and
> can't use my defining skill)?

I agree, it's a wicked problem. But I would also point out that there is a huge difference between talking Achilles down and Using MAGIC to calm Achilles down. (Including how pissed off Achilles will be when he finds out you used magic on him.) I may end up just nailing people with modifiers for resisting with the mundane. Other option to point out, Achilles' rage is very likely supernatural (depending on how you read the text) and therefore would be perfectly appropriate to resist with.  

> (We've found that even if you do allow anything appropriate to be
> used, there are still plenty of situations where otherwise strong
> characters are quite vulnerable to magic.)

I'm sure there are.


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