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Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 10:52:55 +1200

24/05/2004 10:06:08 a.m., "flynnkd2" <flynnkd_at_...> wrote:

> What I am trying to avoid is the standard escalation problem,
> players have a skill of 20, so magic is scaled around that to
> avoid giving them too big a boost. Later their magic goes to
> 40 and they start getting items matched to that... where
> were all these items before? What happened to all the lower
> items all of a sudden?

I think the nature of HQ contests makes this less of a problem, since the +1 augment is just as relevant in a 17 vs 19 contest, as in a 17W2 vs 19W2 contest. Magic doesn't _need_ to get progressively more powerful as characters advance in skill, as long as their opponents are at a similar power level.


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