Re: Questions about Lunar concentration

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 16:05:28 -0000

I think the rules about leaving schools is somewhat confusing too, as I mentioned a short while back when we were discussing learning spells from Grimoires other than your school's <>

from which I'll extract a couple of relevant points << the section
labelled "Leaving a Wizardry School" on P166 "An Adept who leaves a school [...] is cut off from it's library, and loses access to its Grimoires, SPELLS and PORTALS. [...]Although he can continue to use and imnprove the achool's spells that he already knows, HE CANNOT CREATE TALISMANS FOR NEW ONES, for the school will Ban Him." (Emphasis mine) >>

So to reuse the Cookery metaphor, When I join the "Jamie Oliver School", I make my own copy of the schools Grimoire "Pukka Grub" which I can use to cast any of the spells contained therein. I can also create talismans for spells I wish to learn specifically, which I can then raise separately. Say I have "Use 'Pukka Grub' Grimoire 19" , "Seafood Omlette 3W" and "Stuffed Olives 5W", and then leave the school. It is clear that I can continue to use and improve the individual spells, and that I can't create a talisman for one of the other spells contained in the Grimoire ("Carrot & Corriander Soup"), but If I own a copy of the Grimoire can I cast the spell from the Grimoire?, or use the Grimoire to augment the spells I do know? and if not, how is this different from me learning spells from a Grimoire I acquire in the normal course of an adventure?

another question I asked last time, without a reply <<Of course this raises a lot of questions. If a spell is common to several schools, do they each have a separate "Spell Node", or is it a single node shared by numerous groups and individuals? If the latter and you leave one school for another with access to the same node are you excluded by virtue of your having left your previous school, or accepted as a member of your new school?>>

Any opinions greatfully received

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