Re: RE: D+x

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 10:29:26 -0700

>I am not sure I get it yet !

>If I look to another kind of example, let's say healing feats.

>On the healing table, the basic Resistance for Dying is 10W.
>So the healer will use his Healing skill against 10W2 (D+20) ?
>And the Chalana Arroy devotee will use her feat Heal Dying against
>15W ? So easier for her at same level of skill/feat ?

Unfortunately, the [D+x] notations in the Bevara & Chalana Arroy sections were bolluxed up (my fault this time). The base Healing Resistances are as stated on pg 43. the notation in Bevara's Heal Self should be [20w] (or maybe [D=20w]), not [D+20w]. While healing fully is more difficult for Bevara, it isn't *that* much more difficult.

In a D+x situation, the D stands for the normal resistance (okay, it really means "Difficult", but we can ignore that). Most of the time D=14, ie the "natural resistance" of the world. If I want to fly (and have the right ability) my resistance is 14. If I want to bring my friend along with me ("Give power of flight to another") the resistance is 14w2.

 If I try to attack someone with magic that has a "D+" rating - say I want to read the mind of the guard (D+20) - the "D" would be whatever the guards best appropriate ability is- if he has "Stubborn 18", (and I decide that Stubborn would work to resist mindreading), then the total resistance would be 18w. If he didn't have anything better than a 14, then the resistance would be 14w.

Remember that these are suggestioins. If you think that they are too high (or too low), feel free to change them. If something else seems to be a game-breaker (Invisibility was already mentioned) then add it. We made the difficulties in multiples of 20 because it was easy - just add a mastery or two to the resitance. However, if you want to make it D+5, or D+17, feel free. Even moreso than other parts of the book, this really depends on your game. If *you* think that something is more or less difficult, add or subtract it from the list or change the difficulty.


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