Active Feats for initiates

From: Stephen Rennell <steve_at_...>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 20:49:42 +1200

Hi All,

I've been reading the rules again, and have fallen into something of a confusion.

Initiates who concentrate their magic can use common magic feats actively. (HQ118)
On Hq120, it says "Unlike initiates, devotees can actively use feats".

Initiates don't get the feats of their gods affinities, although they may improvise them at a -10 (-5 if they are concentrated). Are initiates able to use those improvised feats actively? If not, then in most cases, wouldn't initiates augment directly with the affinity, instead of augmenting with a feat?

Initiates of say, Destor, can learn affinities or feats from other subcults of Orlanth Adventurous, with or without joining the subcult (HQ p120). They can learn the feats individually, instead of the whole affinity. Are those feats active? Does it make a difference whether the initiate has concentrated their magic?

If those feats belong to say, a combat affinity, shared with the initial sub cult, does a Devotee get to rank them with their combat affinity, or are they completely separate abilities?



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