Re: Active Feats for initiates

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 09:27:06 -0700

> I've been reading the rules again, and have fallen into something of a
> confusion.
> Initiates who concentrate their magic can use common magic feats actively.
> (HQ118)
> On Hq120, it says "Unlike initiates, devotees can actively use feats".
> Initiates don't get the feats of their gods affinities, although they may
> improvise them at a -10 (-5 if they are concentrated).

Correct. Note that "Common Magic feats" and "Affinity feats" are acting a little differently - once you've concentrated your magic you can use Common Magic feats actively at the normal ability rating, but not feats from an affinity (as an initiate, that is).

> Are initiates able to use those improvised feats actively? If not, then in
> most cases, wouldn't initiates augment directly with the affinity, instead
> of augmenting with a feat?

Yes, when an initiate improvises a feat, he uses it actively. It's just that he doesn't get it at his normal ability rating, but at a penalty. Devotees get their feats at their normal affinity ability rating.

> Initiates of say, Destor, can learn affinities or feats from other
> of Orlanth Adventurous, with or without joining the subcult (HQ p120).
> can learn the feats individually, instead of the whole affinity. Are those
> feats active?


>Does it make a difference whether the initiate has
> concentrated their magic?


> If those feats belong to say, a combat affinity, shared with the initial
> cult, does a Devotee get to rank them with their combat affinity, or are
> they completely separate abilities?

Stand Alone feats learned from a different subcult are seperate abilities. It doesn't "belong" to the Combat affinity, and it doesn't increase when you put HP into your Combat affinity.

Note that a devotee getting magic from a subcult is treated as an initiate with regards to the magic - if he wants to get the feats of the affinity he'd have to Devote himself to the subcult (basically, switching subcults), so a Destor devotee that wants the Raiding fetas of Finovan has to switch his devotion from Destor to Finovan.

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- Richelieu

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