RE: Active Feats for initiates

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 17:30:58 +0100

> Note that "Common Magic feats" and "Affinity feats"
> are acting a little differently - once you've concentrated
> your magic you can use Common Magic feats actively at the
> normal ability rating, but not feats from an affinity (as an
> initiate, that is).

Thanks. And (just checking), if you go from initiate to Devotee, you lose those common magic feats altogether, but can now use the affinity feats actively, right?

But now I get confused about the Feats of "other" subcults: sorry, long quote required.

> > Initiates of say, Destor, can learn affinities or feats from other
> subcults
> > of Orlanth Adventurous, with or without joining the subcult
> (HQ p120).
> They
> > can learn the feats individually, instead of the whole
> affinity. Are those feats active?
> Yes

So an initiate of one subcult can learn the feats of another. In "stand-alone" mode. Good, that's what I thought.

> Note that a devotee getting magic from a subcult is treated
> as an initiate with regards to the magic

So he can also learn the feats standalone?

> if he wants to get
> the feats of the affinity he'd have to Devote himself to the
> subcult (basically, switching subcults), so a Destor devotee
> that wants the Raiding fetas of Finovan has to switch his
> devotion from Destor to Finovan.

Er, what? That implies he has *less* access to the feats than does an initiate. Not the same amount. I can see why that would be the case (if you specialise, you *specialise*!), but there seems to be a contradiction in what you're saying. What am I misunderstanding?

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