Re: Active Feats for initiates

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Tue, 01 Jun 2004 14:26:00 -0000

So, to clarify - when an initiate improvises a feat from an affinity rated at 17, for example - say Run up cliffs, he gets to use the feat as an active magical ability but takes an improv mod of -10 (-5 if concentrated magic).

Thats my interperatation. Sounds fine to me. Using a run up cliffs at 7 vs 14 is fairly weak wouldn't you say?

In my game, I have a player who would like to aquire a couple of feats from a particular sub-cult of the same cult. I have no problem with this, but have stated to the player that he must roleplay this out. He has to find someone, and he has to negotiate with that person to learn the feat. My take is that if someone is going to give you something, then they may want something inreturn, and we all know that in Heroquest we aint talking clacks, lunars and wheels!!!


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