RE: Comparing skills and feats

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_Brooke_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 May 2000 19:54:21 +0100

Alain asked:

> Very often, skills and feat are similar. How to play the
> difference betweeen the two ?
> For exemple, who is better : the thief using her skill Move
> Silently 2W, or the Odayla Initiate using his feat Move Silently
> 2W (Hide Affinity). Any advantage for one of them ?

First up, unless the Odaylan's Hide Affinity is 5W and you figured in the -3/-5 (?) already, she'll actually be using a feat with an improvisational modifier (you say she's just an initiate, and initiates always have these). Which is a rather specific way of saying, most people are better with their mundane abilities (physical skills, etc.) than their magical ones (feats, etc.).

Secondly, the Thief is not using magic, and can't be detected by magic-detecting magic. (He can still be detected by thief-detecting magic, of course). The way he Moves Silently is quite mundane (though not necessarily so at significantly higher levels of Mastery). The Odaylan, contrariwise, is moving in a *magically* quiet manner.

IMO, the best thing to do is probably to use feats to augment skills (or vice versa). An Odaylan Thief.

Cheers, Nick

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