RE: Re: Simple living through sharper cutlery

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 00:26:50 +0100

> > Sadly, if you have a Humakti Gift on a particular sword,
> what you end
> > up with is a +5 sword. No coolness. You can add extra bits
> to it, of
> > course, give it some backstory and general fun (who, me?) but by
> > default I'm
> afraid
> > Humakti have boring magical swords.
> Nothing says you can't use one of Humakt's XX Sword Blessings
> on an already-cool sword, instead of a boring ol' sword.

True. In fact, probably more likely.

> And
> of course, all Humakt's blessing were written when ranks &
> edges were a standard part of the game,

Yes, I did run into trouble converting mine.

> so feel free to
> assign a real ability (+5W is about right to match the old +5
> rank) to the sword as a "starting coolness factor".
> So instead of boring ol' +5 vrs trolls, your sword becomes
> "Trollbane 5W".

OK, any suggestions on this, then? It's a lottery sword. Four gifts left. We've already coverted the edges to bonuses, and I don't now remember which was which, but it's basically +10 to everything, an extra +10 v trolls, and a built-in Feat called Daylight Dazzling (yes, something trolls hate) which as far as I remember has a rating of 13 or so.

Would you suggest that I convert that to a single ability/rating, an item with three abilities and ratings, or what? And what corresponds to "+10", or worse yet, "+20"? It sounds like something obscenely high. Using a skill that high actively sounds like a potential problem?

Coolness and back-story I can do, and won't bother you with here. It's Numbers that confuse me.

And don't worry, yes, the PC has been given more than enough geases and other hassle to pay for this.

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