Re: Small unit augmenting...

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 09:06:48 -0000

> I have assumed that this occurs by simply augmenting one spearmen
> with the other spearmans combat ability.

> Important part!! Can you augment their magic in the same way... so
> say they each had 10w1 magic, they augment one and become 10w +
> (5x+3) = 5w2 magic. (images come to me of the magical wedges used
> in Thomas Covenant books, channeling power to the lead caster).

Although this is the rules list, I'll start with a non-rules answer...

I believe the "Gloranthan reality" of this is that this is what the Lunar College of Magic are able to do, and (at the start of the Hero Wars, at least) no one else can, although it is one of the innovations that Argrath brings to the Sartarites to counter the Lunar threat...

>From a purely "rules based" approach, there seems to be little
reason not to allow magic to augment in the same way as other abilities. One possible hiccup is that units involved in "mass combat" tend to have a "mass combat" ability, and this skill is part of the keyword for those cultures/professions who one would expect to fight in this way. In order to "combine" magic like this, maybe (all) the participants need to have a "mass magic" ability, which is generally not part of anyone's keyword, and therefore needs to be bought up individually by each participant. (I'll let Alex, Julian etc argue about how you come up with a "combined" rating for a unit whose individual ratings vary widely...)

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