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I'm in this kind of situation at the moment. I'm running my group through the cradle scenario and I've just completed the first assault with the Axe Brothers and Longspear Slayers. Now these soldiers, one on one, were no match for the heroes and they were more than capable of defending six ladders between four of them - I spiced it up by using allied spirits in hawks etc casting magic and using the AP to cause them hurts - which made the ladders more difficult to defend.  

It all went quite well and they got the idea that they were in a drag out fight where small beer hurts were going to matter over the long term.  

However the next assault will be over dwarf assault ladders and I want to get the idea of an organised unit pushing their way onto the ship. The first assault will be dispersed by the heroes - the second will be tougher where the marble phalanx use their magic to be more cohesive. I'm expecting this to _just_ fail. The third assault will be supported by peltasts and dragonewts and force them to take cover inside the cradle.  

I'm just looking at how I'm going to represent the phalanx magic to the players and then put that into play. I was going to go the gang route and have a higher ability to represent the front people on the ladders and then give them excessive amounts of AP to represent the hundreds following on behind them. I'll continue to dish out hurts with each AP I take - I've found a taste for it! :-)

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	Assuming players become heroes, and one on one able to beat any
	other normal person, then one way to counter them is to form small
	units. Especially if they are soldiers and trained to fight that way.
	So a hero might be at 5w4, and a single spearman might be at 10w2.
	If 6 spearmen gang together and augment one person he become 10w2+
	(5x+5) = 15w3... and now have a chance.
	I have assumed that this occurs by simply augmenting one spearmen
	with the other spearmans combat ability.
	My question however is in regard to magic. Say they are fighting a
	hero who is particularly nasty and known for his great melee skill.
	So rather than fight him they decide to use magic... but he is a
	hero so he has better than normal magic, but not amazing magic. 
	Important part!! Can you augment their magic in the same way... so
	say they each had 10w1 magic, they augment one and become 10w +
	(5x+3) = 5w2 magic.  (images come to me of the magical wedges used
	in Thomas Covenant books, channeling power to the lead caster).
	The effectiveness of this could be decided by making a roll vs their
	Fyrd/Shieldwall/Cohort (whatever small unit training) they have.
	My reasons for this is that I find myself falling into the
	escalation trap as my players advance. I simply bump up everything
	to match them, unrealistically.  However the augmenting system
	allows me to work with bricks (a standard soldier) and build a
	better machine...  Thus when I say a band of rough looking militia
	approach them they will go - "yeah, sure, ho hum", but when I say a
	unit of Silver Spears are present they will be worried. This lends
	character and depth to the names/units of the game.
	It also allows me to throw really tough single mobs at my players
	and either they form up quickly or take a dirt nap.
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