Re: Uz: Trolls of Glorantha Question

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 09:16:06 -0000

The bigger/tougher they are, the higher up the religious scale they are

> > Do Uz have spot devotee 5w????

Some sort of Soul/Spirit sight maybe
> I think *devotee* is being used loosely, to mean "cultist". (Aren't
> Bagogis animist, anyway? So they don't *have* devotees.)

I've not seen a HW/HQ write up for Bagog (in fact that is one of the reasons I was looking at Kralor). Yes, I'd assume they were Animists, Bagog and Kralor being children of Kropa, but then Bagog is a Darkness and Chaos related being, so she may not follow the rules!

My guess though is a Bagog tradition with Darkness, Chaos and Scorpion spirits - Scorpion spirits are things like "Venom", "Resist Venom", "Jabber" "Claw" "Carapace" "many legs", while Bagog's special Chaos spirits are things like "Devour Memory", "Devour Skill". The Scorpion Queen is a "sacred chief" and the Cult Secret is the "Ritual of Rebirth" - a consumed being can be reborn as a Scorpionman.

> I think sacrificing any Scorpion Man ought to do the trick.

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