Multi-way contests

From: Stephen Rennell <steve_at_...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 07:57:10 +1200

Hi All,

Last night my players ended up in a 5 way horse race. Lots of preparation, scoping out the competitors, getting advice... It was quite a lot of fun.

Then I had to figure out who rolls against who... I had the non-involved players running the other racers, and I kind of had everyone decide how much risk they were prepared to take to try to get to the front, if they succeeded, their AP increased, if they failed, their AP decreased, without comparing their results to the other riders.

Eventually, there was only two riders who were still really in the race, and it dropped into a normal extended contest.

What should I have done for the first part?

incidentally, the winner rolled a critical success to put out his last competitor, and to show off (he's an orlanthi) decided to climb up and stand in the saddle as he crossed the finish line, fumble vs success, falls from his horse, uses his magic "land safely" feat to breakfall and try to look suave, and criticals vs failure to leap back into the saddle....


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