Re: Active use of feats?

From: Soren Petersen <soren.petersen_at_...>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 07:20:36 -0000

There was a similar discussion in Digest 1546 (01 June 2004). This was the outcome then:

An initiate who concentrates on Theist magic can use all of his common magic feats actively (or if he so chooses, as augments).

He can actively use feats within all of his affinites (at -5) or he can choose to augment with the actual affinity (at full value/10).

If the initiate does not concentrate on Theist magic, he can use all common magic as augments. He takes a -10 penalty to improvise feats. They be used actively.

A devotee loses all access to common magic but he can actively use all feats within his affinites at full value. He can also augment with an affinity (if that should be needed for some reason).

Soren Petersen

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