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I've been thinking about running a multi-way contest like a poker game. All of the players would shake a die (under a cup or something) and then they could bid AP as in a poker game - either raising or calling until there was only one player left (who wins automatically) or until they had to compare rolls. The best roll winning the 'pot'.  

Obviously someone with lots of AP has an advantage in being able to bid other people out of the contest but that's also true of poker and it isn't always teh person with the most money that wins.  

It could be a nice change of pace to the normal bidding process but I haven't tried it yet...    


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	>Last night my players ended up in a 5 way horse race. Lots of preparation,
	>scoping out the competitors, getting advice... It was quite a lot of fun.
	Neat contest. And I like what you did, and Bruce's suggestion as well. I'd
	have done something a bit non-standard, myself. The highest bidder goes
	after another character, essentially stating that they want to get ahead of
	this individual. If they win, they get out to lead, and if they lose they
	stumble on the starting line, or whathaveyou. Then each character just
	"attacks" another just like in any other extended contest. Winning a round
	means gaining comparative advantage - the character that loses points is
	falling behind. Yes, behind everyone, becasue each character is being
	considered in relation to the others. That is, a failure to keep up with one
	is a failure to keep up with all.
	The only change that's neccessary is to drop the transfer rule, and make
	them just normal losses of the same amount. Much like original HW.
	Five characters A through E each with 30 AP. The number after the name in
	parenthesis are the running scores.
	Round 1:

- A(30) vs B(30) bid 15. B wins witn a total victory, and A is left behind
by everyone else as his attempt to spur his horse on hard at the line goes awry and the horse pulls up lame.
- D vs B bid 12. D wins minor and gets ahead of B(18).
- C vs B bid 9. C wins and gets ahead of B(9).
- B vs E bid 6. E wins and passes B(3).
- E vs C bid 3. E wins x 2 and passes C(24).
Order at end of round 1: E and D in first, C in second, B in third, and A DNF. Round 2:
- D vs B bid 4. B wins and makes up some ground on D(26)
- B vs E bid of 3. B wins x2 and makes up some ground on the other leader
- C vs D bid of 9. D wins and passes C(9).
- E vs B bid of 4. E wins and the field pulls back ahead of B for the
duration as he tires out and falls far behind. Order at end of 2: D in first, E in second, C in third, and B out of the race trailing to the rear. Round 3:
- C vs E desperation bid 15. C wins, and catches up with E(9).
- E vs D bid 9. E wins and makes up some distance with D(17).
- D vs C bid 10. C wins, and passes D(7).
Order at the end of 3: E and C tied for first, with D just behind (and B way back of the pack). Round 4:
- C vs E bids 10. E wins, and C's horse (-1) can't take the strain and slows
to a trot.
- D vs C bids 7 (NPC can't bid more). D wins x2, and leaves the others in
the dust as he crosses the finish line. The cool thing about this is that you can't just "pick on" the small guy. Sure the pack may leave him behind, but then you still all have to contend with each other. Yeah it favors the best ability a tad, but I don't think it's problematic. Mike _________________________________________________________________ Get fast, reliable Internet access with MSN 9 Dial-up – now 3 months FREE! ------------------------ Yahoo! Groups Sponsor --------------------~--> Yahoo! Domains - Claim yours for only $14.70 --------------------------------------------------------------------~-> To Post a message, send it to: HeroQuest-rules_at_... To Unsubscribe, send a blank message to: To Complain constructively please email me at steve_at_.... Yahoo! Groups Links

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