Re: Multiple attack the same "round" ?

From: dalamides <florent.bonardot_at_...>
Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 21:11:44 -0000

tks for you response.
the thing that give me trouble was this ability from gathering thunder p70 from Yend two-kill : Two-sword figthing 7M2. And the other one was from a eff in HW who has shoting 2 arrows in a shot.

If yend-2k want to make multiple attack on the same opponent in the same round : he use his abilities "Two-sword figthing" and the opponent the appropriate one ( with augments .. ). Does he shot one or 2 time ?
The oppponent, a warrior have sword combat 2m2. he want to make 3 shot in the same round, and have 3 dice to oppose. Yend want to make 4 attack, he make 4 dice ? What the use of 2 sword ? I dont see "Two-sword figthing" only has a defensive one and i dont see how to use it offensively.

For the elfe : one ability, one dice and a result like any contest. But whaht use of 2 arrows ? with one the consequences are the same.

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