Re: benchmarks

From: Richard Addy <rmaddy_at_...>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 09:54:07 -0400

On 24 May 00, at 9:35, KYER, JEFFREY wrote:

> >
> Things really don't convert over. But you can use the following
> benchmarks -- a Clan champion should have a 10W2 ability. Joe
> stickpicker probably runs in the 15 ability area.
> I usually use a very, very rough rule of thumb being 6+ (Skill%/3)

You know, things really -should- convert.

After all, the game system is just a mechanism to determine the outcome of a task - a model of how the game reality works. HW is one model, the old RQ/BRP-style mechanism was another. But both systems are modeling the same reality, right?

I don't see any reason why there shouldn't be some rather definite conversions from the previous systems - ESPECIALLY for mundane abilities. These conversions should be in print - in an appendix, towards the back, but in print. Even if there's a large "you're on your own with a lot of the magic bits" statement.

I guess I feel that given the understandable limitations of the release schedule for HW products, there's a strong incentive to make already published material as HW-useful as possible. The fact that there is a lot of stuff out there is one of Glorantha's strengths - one I feel that the basic HW set ignores.



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