Re: The "use it once in a lifetime" skill

From: Manuel MOLINIER <astaroth.maillist_at_...>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 14:00:25 +0200

My idea is give a skill at 5M2 only to augment any other and only when agreed by the GM. So that way it's a yes but ...


  Me and my Little Brain are running into trouble again. I can see what   I want to do narratively, but how to represent it in the rules is   beyond me.

  I have a Vingan PC (yes, at last!), who is usually Nice. Eventempered,    charming, persuasive, kind to children and small fluffy   animals. Except that if you ever manage to get her angry, watch out!

  Now, how do I model that skill? She's not a berserker. She's lost her   temper perhaps twice in her entire life, and only under extreme   provocation. We're kind of building up back-story as a shared effort,   prior to start of "real" play, and it seems that she and a group of   women of her clan who she was meant to be protecting got beaten up   and gang-raped by a group of Uroxi who were *meant* to be allies.   Under that provocation, she seems to have taken out an unreasonable   number of opponents before defeat. Narratively, this all makes good   sense, I think.

  I think what I'm after is a skill than can't be used as often as the   normal sort, but is very powerful when it *does* trigger. Rather like   the way "decapitate foe" *doesn't* work. Nearly-Headless-Nick is not   an option here.

  What she's supposed to get is a new skill at 13. That will not give   the results I want. Something like "berserk 13" would be useable far   too often, and not give powerful enough results to notice, nothing   like the description.

  Quite possibly the skill itself will never get used again, but the   reputation will linger? Then again, she's about to become a "live"   PC, and extreme provocation might recur...


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