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Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 07:26:02 -0700

Wulf wrote of followers

> Especially as a few of them are non-combatants, like healers, they
> just wouldn't get so badly hurt.

Non-combatants aren't included in your AP total in the first place -- only the followers who provide some combat ability are, and only they would be affected by the results of combat.

Nick asked

> Do followers lend AP just by backing someone up?

Yes. They are your faceless supporters.

> The player decided the defeated PC, whose authority over her clan
> hung entirely on their unquestioning awe of her steel will, was
> broken by the exchange and fled, becoming a sad old shadow living
> on the edge of society. Thats the players right, but....
> As a ref I was going to apply something that was a 'Dead' severity
> but to social standing.

That sounds just like what your player did. She is socially dead... (I don't think this would necessarily last forever, however.)

Frank wrote

> I don't have any firm idea of what goes for a high skill in HW. Is
> this covered in the game?

This is a bit controversial -- some of us think that starting characters are all high skilled since they have a mastery. Keep in mind that if the characters you're converting are at all supposed to be the equivalent of player chararacters, they will have a couple of mastery skills...

A starting ability (13 in Hero Wars) is maybe 30%-40% in RQ. Since 90% is considered mastery in RuneQuest, it should probably be at least 1w when you convert. Because of the diminishing returns in RQ, 150% might be 1w2, 200% 1w3. So I'd be wary of any purely linear conversion scheme.


> Eh, I always make sorcery silent.

When I describe sorcery, it's usually by noise. Divine magic is more "atmospheric" (swirling winds, chill). Spirit magic is usually visual (sparks). I don't think this is canon, but I like having a difference.

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