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From: Michael W. Ryan <mryan_at_...>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 10:45:12 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 24 May 2000, KYER, JEFFREY wrote:

> But I can only reply "Why should it?" Hero Wars is a different game
> with a much different focus and gaming enviroment. (Mind you, I'm a bit
> annoyed with backwards compatibility by nature, what with upgrading
> computer software for a living.)
> But its a completely different game set in the same gameworld. Its NOT
> RQ IV. It is what it is...

Yes, but you should still be able to define levels of compentency in both systems and relate them to one another. If you define four levels of competency, for example: apprentice, professional, veteran, and elite; what values do they correspond to in RQ and HW? I've been playing with the pre-release three chapters and summary, and I'm having a hard time equating how good I think someone is with what their HW ability rating should be.

> Best to work with whole cloth.

I'm sorry, but I have a job and other things to do in my life, and, quite frankly, I suck at "working with whole cloth". Issaries created the system, they should be able to give us reference points. There's a whole lot of RQ material out there, and it consists of more than just names; it also consists of numbers. People aren't looking for a magic equation to plug RQ numbers into and get HW values out. They're looking for points of reference, so that they can take their existing libraries of information and use them with HW with a modicum of confidence.

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