Re: How to do a "God-child"

From: Paul Andrew King <paul_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 08:23:39 +0100

> > What I am trying to produce is a character with a unique collection
>> of magical abilities - I've worked out most of the basics in my head
>> already. Ability bonuses are definitely not what I am after.
>> Nor do I see the character - at this point - as the actual offspring
>> of a God - rather he was conceived on a HeroQuest by two
>> HeroQuesters, both in the roles of Gods.
>So what gods were being emulated? Was the HeroQuest in the Godplane, or the
>Heroplane? I wouldn't give the character too much in the way of extras, as
>his parents weren't *actually* gods (especially if this was a HeroPlane

It seems I am going to have to go into more detail. The Gods involved are Orlanth and Natha (yes, another Lunar attempt to subvert Orlanth !). The character is not identified with an existing God (unless he makes it to Godhood...). Since the object is to change things it has to be a HeroPlane Quest.

>If the offspring of the two gods in question is a known god, then the
>character might have an affinity or feats from that known god's arsenal. If
>the gods involved don't have any known offspiring, then you might take an
>ability/affinity from one of the parents, or make up a new one that combines
>their powers, or make up something entirely new that has little to do with

The idea is to combine the lists, probably using Balance, Storm, Otherworld (Combat in place of Balance or Otherworld is possible but on the whole I think I prefer the original list).

>If he's only going to get one or two abilities from the deal, then
>stand-alone Feats or Natural Magic ability (or a spirit friend, or a
>spell...) is probably best, instead of an affinity (or other conglomeration
>of abilities).

The deal is four active feats and a daimone twin sister. What I am trying to work out is how to get a Storm Affinity in there, at least as a potential. If I go with the Balance, Storm, Otherworld list, two feats would fit with Storm and one each with Balance and Otherworld.

>If he's going to get a whole passel of things (I probably wouldn't do that)
>then an affinity called "God-Born Powers" might be in order.
>Basically, will he be raising these abilities seperately (Stand-alone feats,
>Natural magic) or raising a bunch of them at a time (Affinity, with the
>possibility of raising some individually as well)?

All the feats can be fit under existing Affinities or could be taken as standalone abilities. I am trying to stick to Initiate level under the (possibly wrong) assumption that the path to Godhood requires an independence that Devotees have at least partially given up (but can possibly reclaim).

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Paul K.

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