Re: Digest Number 70

From: Philippe Krait <>
Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 16:04:32 +0100

From: david.boatright_at_...
> Subject: Subject: Re: Agressiveness of Walls
> How are falls handled because the further the climber is up the wall&#92;mountain&#92;hill the less likely
> he is to be hurt due to the fact the obstacle has less points to bid.

Actually, I think that you have the explanation here. I was not too keen on having inanimate things bid, because... well, they are inanimate !

But now, I've changed my mind for the following reason : Why not say that Cliffs systematically bid (Starting AP) - (Current AP) ?

This would mean that, the higher you get, the more dangerous it is for you (which is normal). Now, if you have achieved that height without lowering your AP too much, it's OK, but if you're pretty low, you could face serious consequences form the end of the extended contest.

The Cliffs don't have to be constrained by their current AP limit here, of course.

From: "Hibbs, Philip" <philip.hibbs_at_...>
> Once you've lost your "climbing" contest, you start a new "falling" contest!

Hum , after the aggressivness of the walls, we have the aggresivness of Gravity to contend with... (:-)

> From: "Mark Buckley" <mark.buckley_at_...>
> Presumably you use the table p119 "Sample Resistances" and
> use an appropriate skill etc against the fall? Table says:
> Fall off city wall safely: 15w2 to 20w3
> Jump safely from fortress tower: 5w3 to 10w4
> Fall off fortress tower safely: 15w3 to 20w4
> and higher for mountains I guess...

That's another way to handle the problem, of course.

> Mind you, I don't know what you would use as the default if you
> didn't have "Fall big distance" skill/feat etc. Maybe 6 as a default?

Possibly a lot of affinities / feat might apply with hefty improvisational modifiers (all those having to do with (booh ! hiss! RQ word !) dexterity...

> Could Earth priestesses use their affinity to avoid the Earth hurting
> them?

I think I would allow that... if they fall flat on raw earth. Now if they fall on sharp spikes... Ikadz, maybe ? (:-)


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