PC with no magic

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 22:52:43 +0100

> >Remind me, why, from the charcter's view-point, is he
> wandering off to Sartar?
> It's hypothetical. Use any reason you like.

OK, I just wanted to use it for inspiration.

> Cool. This is, again, an argument to allow him to use Pavis
> magic outside of
> Pavis. Is this method outside canon, too (has Peter already
> shot it down)?

I have no idea. Since AFAIK there is little *official* HQ stuff on Pavis and city gods, I doubt if there is much truly canon canon to conflict with. GAG, yes, which personally I'm much more interested in.

> If not, can you come up with a way to make the character
> interesting that
> wouldn't involve him being able to use his abilities?
> Or, would you agree that the character in question would not
> be playable sans magic?

I'm honestly not sure, but have changed the subject to emphasise this question.

What abilities would he be left with?

Would he even have anything left that could resist magical attacks?

Does he have followers in other cults who can help him out?

It would be interesting to play out - what does it feel like to be a Devotee deprived of your magic? Add up the sum of all his affinities, give him that as a "homesick" flaw?

Just a minute.... Light dawns. I *hope* you can play a Devotee missing his magic. Because during OiD, there's an awful lot of them.

Guys? Who's played through the Fimbulwinter bit of OiD with Orlanthi Devotee PCs? How did you do it?

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