Re: Digest Number 72

From: Roger McCarthy <rogermccarthy_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 13:16:41 GMT


My own view on this is that all you need to convert the huge range of existing Pavis and Praxian material to HW are some semi-official (i.e. on the Issaries website) Praxian, Troll and Chaotic keywords, a few animal & monster stats (some of which should be in Anaxial's Record anyway) and a common sense approach to converting RQ stats as per Robin, Trotsky's, David's, Jeff's and Roderick's suggestions (relatively easy for skills and only difficult for magic because we don't have the relevant keywords).

Given these basic tools I can't see why gamemasters - sorry narrators - can't actually just convert most RQ scenarios on the fly - after all most NPC's are going to have just one or a handful of significant abilities they are actually going to use in the encounter and being able to just default everything else to 1, 6 or 13 if the palyers do something unexpected takes a hell of a lot less work than calculating every RQ NPC's fatigue, encumbrance, modifiers, language skills in Carmanian and Old Wyrmish etc.

Why can't we all accept that Prax is going to be in effect 'a blank land' in HW (i.e. Issaries are not going to publish anything major there in the foreseeable future which as RQ veterans know probably means not this decade and very possibly means not this lifetime) but that this is an opportunity for fans to self-publish material rather than an occasion for whingeing - sure I'd love to see all the superb RQ Prax material redone for HW and new stuff on the Praxian nomads themeselves, but if that means Issaries not delivering the Mostali, Aldryami, Loskalmi etc books it's just no contest...

I would however advise Philippe and co look at the new Sartar Rising contents list on the website before starting work as this appears to include some Praxian/Pavic material - including if I'm guessing correctly the Cradle (Robin - can you confirm this?)


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