Re: Re: converting; cliffs; magic

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 08:08:40 -0700

> > Admittedly our playtest rules didn't necessarily reflect the final
> > product, but I'd say it was both more common *and* more powerful
> > (since it's in a sense open-ended). After all, a significant
> > percentage of player heroes will now have ranged killing magic.
> >

> I thought someone said the other day that most feats were just
> intended to provide augmentation for normal skills, and it was only
> secrets, (Like Humakt's Death Stare, or whatever it is called) that
> were "ranged killing magic". Even if you mean that players can use
> "death" or "combat" affinities to deduct Action points as feats, is
> this really more common than hte "Disruption" spell?

I think you mis-interpreted David's statement. Most magic can be used at range - except things noted in the Optional and Mandatory Physical contact sections (HW 231) and things that you decide are mandatory (using a fetish requires that the fetish be touching the caster, but not necessarly the target).

Most magic is not all-or-nothing when used in an Extended contest. Some magic, like the Death Stare, *is* all or nothing, but this tends to be the Big stuff - Secrets and the like.

Magic is usually just another weapon in the hero's arsenal. When used as an enhancement, several different feats(/spells/fetishes) can be used at the same time (only *one* mundane ability can be used for enhancement (HW 133)) It can bend the rules a little - For example, the question about enhancing with a Bonus *and* AP from yesterday - I'd allow magic to do that, but not a mundane ability.


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