Re: Cheap Secrets?

From: Rob <robert_m_davis_at_...>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 19:14:03 -0000

> And a very nice job you're doing of it too, from the look of it.

Thank you.

> got me was how those basic entry-level characters made such an
> impression at Whitewall and ended up being the ones to beat the
> Bat.

Well, they had 50 points to sepnd, not 20 when they started, but if I had my chance again I would say their narrative items started at 17 as well. But thats a personal nit with the character creation.

They didn't actually beat the bat. They carved through the opposition by good play and awful die rolling by me. Don't forget that Broyan had inspired them, the warriors were bold and the scholar and Desemborthi sneaked about avoiding combat.

IMG Broyan ended up Mindblasted (a major defeat) which meant that only a handful of the Larnsti that accompanied him made it away (suffering one defeat level worse than Broyan so Dying) and they had to be carried off the bat.

> They've been pulling on relationships and persuading NPCs to help
> for all they're worth,

Not really. Its not like *consult the lawspeaker* use of relationship. The give due deference to the King and the major characters but as Kallyr and Broyan do not know their stats they take them on face value, and so far they tend to deliver when challenged. The major thing that they practically (IMG) delivered the strategy to defeat the Bat and save Orlanth - (for the time being)

> plus making the most of having unusual knowledge
> and applying it where it can do the most good.

Yes. Player backgrounds that were well written and have really guided the way the campaign has developed. Well done to the creativity of the players and Heroquest for being the kind of system that encourages such creativity.

> I gather most of this is
> being role-played, not done by rules,


> but they're effectively
> setting up
> massive situational modifiers for diplomacy situations.

Well, yes. If they go and *ask* for something, then a relationship would be appropriate, but that is not what is happening. Now of course they have directed Hero Points as they now have relationships to certain people (and conflicting ones at that!)


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