You're in the army now

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 13:13:13 -0000


> > You know, that's another thought. You join the Lunar Army, travel
> > the world, meet interesting people, kill them... but how do you
> > carry out the cult duties of attending rituals and so on, for
> > original religion? Do them yourself?


> You join the regimental cult and are in complete compliance with
> religious requirements. .... your religious duties are taken
> care of by the regimental "chaplain"

> After all,
> you're not going to remain worshipping the Farming God when you're
in the
> Fifty-Third Dragoons, you'll have traded dieties (traditions,
whatever) -
> somehow.

You're not?

The sample Lunar units in BA all seem to have deities from their homelands (though they seem to be very uniform, not mixed, so no doubt it's easier).

The homeland keywords in ILH all give a suggested cult/practise/whatever for soldiers and warriors.

And the Lunars are supposed to be the ones who accept everyone. Why would they insist that you drop your native religion to join the army? (Unless you're Orlanthi, of course). Seven Mothers *as well as* your native stuff, perhaps, but why would they want you to drop the nice effective magic you already know how to use and start again with somehing new?

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