RE: You're in the army now

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 20:04:32 +0100

> > OK. My idea is that the main reason she joined the army was
> to see the
> > world outside the swamps, and try to avoid anything actually
> > dangerous. Yes, it seems daft, but according to the news there are
> > Americans who do this :)
> So she ended up in... the Upland Marsh?!? Bummer :-(. I
> suppose it *does* have different flora and fauna than the
> Darjinnian swamps...

She did get to travel a bit before that. Quite a lot, I assume, as the two places are a long way apart. But yes, things didn't work out quite as she expected (there's a surprise!)

> > > Any Colonia will have religious leaders to provide
> worship services.
> >
> > And with the mix of PCs we've got here, we'll need a few :)
> There *is* a Lunar god-talker equivalent coming in ILH2.

Oh, good! Sort of like that "rent-a-shrine" building in Pavis?

> With the Carmanian and the Swampwalker, you've got a reason
> to be near the Marsh ("We need people who can take care of
> themselves in a swamp full of Undead. Who do we have in the
> area?"), An Officer to lead them, and a hanger-on :-). It
> looks like someone actually was looking out for you,
> otherwise you'd have had two heavy cavalry chaps, a desert
> raider and a phalangite, none of which are any use in a swamp ;-).

True. Anyone would think we'd designed PCs with a chance of survival :)

> If you were in the same unit, then it had to have been a
> Vexilla with this mix of otherwise incompatible people.

Sounds like a lot of people are coming to this comclusion. We'd originally thought that just making it a "Lunar" regiment would do the job, but no, clearly not.

> (What do the Dara Happan and the "scrounger" worship?).

YT and Rufelza respectively.

> >Are we saying this obvious campaign premise isn't actually possible?
> You're making it pretty hard on yourselves ;-).

It didn't seem that hard. If we were in an Orlanthi campaign, we'd expect a mix of cults. Instead we're from an Empire that prides itself on being inclusive - why is it suddenly so much harder to have a mix of PCs? (I'm trying hard not to let my natural anti-Lunar prejudices resurface here.)

> (So we have a
> Trollkin, a Dragonewt, a Dwarf and a Pentan? Okay, let's go
> hit Gimpy's and see if we can find a treasure map!)

As I said somewhere, once of the objectives *is* to convert the GM and some players from RQ :) And the previous campaign we shared *did* have the trollkin and the Pentan, plus a duck, a Sundomer and an elf. In Dorastor. No treasure maps :(

> Have your regiments left Dragon Pass since your land grant?
> It may be that they are still within reasonable distance for
> ceremonies.

Good point.

> Oh, wait, 1619?
> Then Fazzur's in charge, and he *does* have good tactical sense)

And he's about to pull most regiments out to invade Heortland. We happily accepted retirement instead :) actually, the start of the invasion could well have included our suicide mission.

> Or, you could include appropriate religious leaders among
> your followers (Follower 17: Red Snake Tongue (Spirit Talker
> 17, Practitioner of Black Death Snake 17) (okay, so that's
> two keywords, make him a Sidekick). That would take care of
> your personal needs!

Ah, good idea! Or just allies/contacts or whatever. I'm sure a new land grant that was expected to have any chance of survival would include more than 4 people.

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