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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 12:22:20 -0700

> > As noted on page 131, "A tradition is a complete animist
> > religion." How many people do you know that seriously belong
> > to two completely different Religions?
> I don't know many RW people who *seriously* belong to even one religion.
> After all, there aren't that many RW people who think magic (or anything
> else from a religion) is essential for their everyday life. The whole
> starting premise is different. I know (of) RW people who seriously
> belong to socio-political systems that they *call* religions, but that's
> a bit different :(

It was more prevalent in time past (like, up to about 40-50 years ago...). yes, it was also socio-political, but more people were actually believers.

> But back in History, I seem to remember Romanised Brits happily adding
> the Roman gods to all the others they gave sacrifices to. Why not? Keep
> them happy, it can't hurt. You pick who gets your sacrifices depending
> on what you need and who you're trying to impress. I don't know how
> seriously they took their religions, but I'd guess more than most of us
> do.

Glorantha isn't quite the same as the real world in this aspect. After all, the gods of the Real World weren't quite as active as the Gloranthan ones! And, we really have very scant evidence of exactly *what* the Pre-Roman Britons worshipped. Most of the temples (like Bath) that have evidence of Briton and Roman worship are later in the Roman occupation (at least a generation or two after the Conquest of the local area). Change in Glorantha seems to be a little slower than this, simply because the gods take a more active role in the lives of their worshippers.

> I'd guess that this parallels the 10% level of commitment in Glorantha?
> No concentration, mix everything, misapply your worship - it's the
> pragmatic viewpoint. You do what you need to. Keep powerful entities
> happy and helpful.

But you tend to stay within your religion. Orlanthi might get charms from Kolat or Sedredosa, but they aren't getting Waha charms, or Darjiniian ones. Rinliddi people will stay within the Rinliddi religion, Dara Happans in theirs (and even split between "Solar" rulers and "Earthy" peasants), etc.

This "Religious Inertia" is similar to the difficulty the metric system is having being accepted in the US (Or the Euro in Britain ;-) ). It's "foreign", and therefore bad. Who cares how "simple" or "sensible" it is? It's not *our* way.

> > Note that the Lunars are *not* an "entirely different
> > religion" for the Empire - they have managed to insinuate
> > themselves into *all* the different religions of the region.
> > You can belong to your cultural religion and the Lunar
> > religion at the same time.
> Sounds a *lot* like the Romans.

A bit different - the Romans just accepted anything that came along, and didn't try to push their gods on the other peoples (except for the Emperor). The Lunars have gone out and consciously made connection with other pantheons, making actual alterations in some cases (through heroquests). .

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