RE: You're in the army now

From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 20:38:01 +0100

> >(You *do* realise that Destor is one of the cults forbidden
> by the Sartar
> >Occupational Authority, don't you?). Your not just "joining
> a third cult",
> >you're joining a second *Pantheon*. Big No-No.
> Nope, didn't know that at all, but maybe Jane did.

I was pretty sure mixing *those* two cults would be Big Trouble, yes. To the point of impossibility. And rather assumed that was why you'd picked them as an example :)

> See how cool this would be, Jane!

Big Trouble *is* cool and fun, for PCs. But like Greg said, you'd have to deceive a major deity to get away with that (or convince them that the enemy deity is friendly really), and that's probably W8 difficulty level. At least. "Yes, but.."

My thoughts for my own PC would be a possible gradual slide, picking up local swamp spirits, local common magic, getting friendly with local spirit talkers, perhaps having the locals ask about how the Lunars took over Darjiin and being all sympathetic about how unpleasant it must have been... She might eventually slide away from any Lunar connections and slide towards local ones. Maybe. Or you might end up with a lot of Sartarites using Darjiini spirits. Or both. One of those long-term internal conflict things. Far less dramatic than trying to set up Destor Tarnils.

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