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>I think they worship Eiritha as Uralda, Ernalda's
>daughter and Urox's wife.

The Pol Joni are stated in the Pavis Book as:

         They carried battle magics, and their
         magicians worshipped Rune gods, unlike
         the Shamans of Prax.  These cattle
         people offered proper sacrifice to the
         deities of the Paps [...].
                 P & BR p60.

The mention of sacrifice indicates misapplied worship.

>Was Uralda written up as a
>goddess in Storm Tribe?

In Thunder Rebels, she is a subcult of Esrola. In Prax, the fertile earth is unreachable and so I think the Pol Joni worship Eiritha as a substitute for Esrola.

That said, there's three other tribes of the bastards that are not Pol Joni (the Amber, the Potor and the Ansil). One might be
descended from the bygone Dundealos,
another from scattered light worshippers and I have no idea on the origins of the third.

--Peter Metcalfe

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