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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 15:23:42 -0700

> > I can see the Spirits of the Plains sharing the strong antipathy to
> > Horse-riders that the human Praxians have. The "stink" of Horses
> might be so
> > repugnant to the Praxian Spirits that they'll refuse to deal with
> a horse
> > rider. Ride a horse, be blacklisted by all your old spirits.(I
> could be
> > wrong, too. I haven't delved much into the PJs).
> >
> My only problem with this is the repeated reference to _proper_
> worship of the spirits. So why would the spirits leave in a huff?

Spirits can decide to dislike you for any number of reasons - you can be the most perfect animist worshipper in the world, but if you (or your tradition) is seen as "enemy" by some spirits, you're not going to change that easily.

Going over to the PJs and riding horses *could be* a reason for the Praxian Tradition spirits to consider you as "enemy". (Not necessarily *is*, just *could be* - make your own decision on it...).

> Other than Ganval perhaps - I thought he was strictly Kerofinela.

While his title is "Beloved of Kero Fin", there is nothing to indicate a strict geographical location, just "found in Dragon Pass". Plus, there's no restrictions on a shaman moving out after gaining his fetch.

If you don't like Ganval, there might be a purely Pol Joni/Bastard Tribes Shamanaic practice we've never heard of...

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