Re: Re: Shameful confusion about Fetish/Spirit Ally rules

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 09:54:39 -0700

> I think there was a suggestion here (or hereabouts) that the Secret
> allowed the user to awaken the fetch of another character, based on
> someone's reading of the GTA preview version of the rules. Since
> the rules don't read that way it was either a faulty reading or a
> late change. (Maybe someone was just trying to find a way to keep
> an existing HeroWars Shaman without needing to give them
> the "capital S secret"?)

Don't remember the suggestion here, or in the early rules... (and I just checked - it's not in the GTA version that was given out at TorontoCon). You do (usually) need a shaman to apprentice under and who will decide when you're ready to go on your Fetch Quest, but he doesn't "awaken" it for you.

> Also just to note that the Shamanic secret is slightly special in
> that although you can't become a Shaman if you already know a secret
> (in keeping with the "Only one secret ever" rule) it does seem
> possible for a Shaman to gain the secret of another practice within
> the tradition (P139, "Benefits & Obligations", first two lines)

It is explicitly spelled out that a shaman may learn a second Practice's secret in addition to gaining a fetch. "He can belong to other practices, and even learn another practices secret." (but only one practice secret, under the "One secret only rule). It's perhaps wrong to call a fetch the Capital-S Secret, since it breaks the "One only" rule, but hey...

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